Lighthouse Ink PDX


The Space:

   Lighthouse Ink PDX is an inclusive, state licensed, custom tattoo studio offering quality tattoos at great rates in a safe, clean, professional environment. All are welcome (18+), and though the space is close quarters, please feel free to bring a friend. The studio is conveniently located in NW, right on Lovejoy, and 17th. The inks (Eternal) are vegan, and I use brand new, single use tubes, and needles. There are monthly events featuring themed custom flash, plus other specials, and deals. Lighthouse Ink PDX is a cash only shop, and while tipping is appreciated, it is not required.

The Process:

   Maybe you know exactly what you'd like, or you have a drawing that you or a friend did, an image from the web, or just an idea. I can create a custom drawing, or we can work with what you have to design something that's "tattooable". The first step is to call to schedule a time to stop by. We can then discuss placement, art, and pricing. If you want a custom piece there will be a required drawing deposit (only $30), which will secure your place on the calendar (no more than a 5-7 day wait), and will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo. Shop minimum is $40.

   Prior to the scheduled day we'll touch base regarding the art, and if it's to your liking, we'll proceed. Otherwise, we will work together, and come up with a design that you will be happy with. There will never be any pressure to get something you don't like, and we can always reschedule. A couple of days before your appointment you'll get a courtesy call to remind you of the date. On the actual day of (and night before) the procedure refrain from alcohol, and stay hydrated. Before coming in eat a sensible meal, and avoid stress. You're welcome to bring headphones, and a music device if you'd like.

   Please! No texting/Facebooking/Tweeting while you're getting tattooed.